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Dr J. Johnson B.S.M.S

Govt.Regn.No: 723
Experience: 25 Years
Established On: 1992
Specialist On: Infertility And Sexology

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St.Antony Siddha Medical Centre

The Siddha System of medicine is one of oldest system’s of medicine in the world. The medicinal preparations that have evolved in this system of medicine have been arrived due to the power of Intuition of the Siddhars. They are not based on experiments and research studies. Hence the efficacy and effectiveness of each medicinal formulation in treating disease does not change due to the passage of time. At St' Antony Siddha Medical Centre, our focus is to apply these ancient remedies in their purest form to manage disease, with the help of a combination of herbo-mineral preparations of the highest quality, dietary supplements and external therapies. In this journey of eradicating disease, our aim is to establish system of Siddha as not an alternative system of healing, but as a holistic remedy which can be accessed by the common man as a first line of treatment in tackling health challenges.